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Need business automation?

Manual workflows? Black box technology? Lacking data? Case studies here.

Custom Software Development

Custom software.

We write the code. We provision the infrastructure. We buy your managed services. We won't invent something you can get off the shelf.

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Technical Due Diligence.

We work with business buyers (i.e. searchers) to analyze the quality of company technology. We put together a standard, detailed report (example here).

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Data Mining.

As nice as it would be, there's no public database for your industry. We'll put together a mining program to give you competitive insights and evergreen knowledge.

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About 219 Digital.

219 Digital is a boutique consultancy dedicated to cutting uncertainty and waste from the software development process. For the past five years, we have successfully partnered with small businesses in a number of verticals to deliver simple, consistent, low-maintenance software solutions on a fixed price delivery. Open source tools, community standards, and expert long-term planning.

We are experienced software engineers with over 10 years in the business of enterprise software development and delivery. Active projects include a dealer portal for a major auto insurer; a landfill environmental management platform; business tools for an LED retrofitter; and a data aggregation platform for a real estate investment group, targeting vacation properties.

Our prices and terms are set up-front. Your budget and release planning process will be smooth. If you choose to augment your platform in the future, you own (and have access to) all the intellectual property. No long-term contracts, no billing by the hour. Simple proposals, aimed at incremental, on-time delivery.

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Our pricing commitment.

We do not charge by the hour. Our reward is customer alignment. We won't build what you cannot budget.

You'll have peace of mind when you agree to a project plan. You'll pay $0 before you do.

Terms of Service

We build it. You own it. All the intellectual property is yours.

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